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Tribute to Robinson –-- How to Survive on a Deserted Island

We all heard stories about people who struggled and survives on deserted islands and have watched many movies and novels on the same ,such as a famous novel written by British fictionist Daniel Defoe named《Robinson Crusoe》.It can be really devastating if it happened in reality, although the chance of it’s appearance is not high. There are some situations wherein you can land up on a deserted island, like a ship wreck or an air plane crash. Sometimes there may come a time in your life that you land up on a deserted island and must learn to adjust for survival. Hence, one should always be prepared for the worst to happen in life. Living on a deserted island can be highly challenging and require adequate courage, will power, faith and confidence. However, many individuals have end up in this situation and have been successfully rescued.

Throughout the tips provided below, you will be introduced to a few ideas that can help you while stranded on a deserted island.

· Find fresh water
Finding fresh water is really a important tip in learning how to survive on a deserted island.
If you don’t have clean,safe drinking water within 3 to 4 days, you’ll die. You may think that there are unlimited oncean water that you can get.
But the point is , it is only appropriate used for washing and cleaning without drinking.

Be creative while you can not find a freshwater resource. Because the temperature decrease at night, gas in the air change to liquid and falls to the ground as drew. In order to collect this water : Tie a T-shirt around your ankles and walk through the grass.Then suck the water from the wet T-shirt. Or use whatever containers nature provides,such as empty shells to catch rainwater.

Island vegetation is another source of fresh water.

· Find food

Food is also important as you can see in the table below.

Hunt for lots of edible animals, but be careful as many of them are poisonous. In addition, you can even go for fishing

· Make a fire

Creating a fire will provide you comfort, warmth, light and a way to cook your food. Although it is difficult to make a fire without lighter.

There are several methods of fire making, either the bow method or the stereotypical rubbing together of sticks. You can also try distillation for desalination.

· Build or find a shelter

You will need protection from the element. A cave can be a good shelter as long as you could find one. Otherwise, try to build a shelter on your own use any resources that you can have acquired.
1. Find branches that resemble the letter “Y”.
2. Stick these branches down into the ground rather deeply, making sure that each one is approximately five to six feet away from the other one.
3. Find a long limb of branch that is light enough to be supported by the two “Y” shaped branches, and place it on each so that it goes across.
4. Now, you have a basic frame. You will want to find long branches that can be rested on the limb that goes across on either side.
5. Once you have all of the branches in place, simply search for a vine or something that can act as a rope to tie everything together and secure it.
6. Finally, gather leaves, boughs, palm tree fronds and similar items to cover the structure with for additional security.
7. Take leaves and fronds from trees and line the inside of the structure in order to make a “floor” to rest on.

· Make contact

Let other people know where you are. Make big , unnatural objects using bright colours and shiny things. Such as placing rocks in a large “HELP” or “SOS” pattern on the beach to draw attention and attract rescuers.

· The will power

Keep your spirits high and do not be desperate because it can destroy you. Excise strong will poweras it is only key to survival. By employing these steps, you are sure to survive on an island. Remember, creativity is the most important aspect of survival on an island. There are no rules when it comes to surviving in such a dangerous environment.

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